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Interview with author S.K. Ehra

Author Jennelle Leanne Schmidt

Today, I want to introduce our guest author S.K. Ehra!

S.K., welcome!

Can you tell us what genre(s) you primarily write? Fantasy, horror, and all that lies between

What type of books do your write?


When did you start writing?

When I was a wee lass writing with crayon on paper

Awesome! How many books have you written to date?

I dare not dive so deep into the archives to look at my unfinished monsters.

Haha! How many have you published?


S.K., can you recall what first inspired you to write?

I inhale stories and must exhale something in return. Each story has an instance of inspiration, but for writing overall it's less inspiration more innate need.

Do you consider your work to be Noblebright?

Yes. Even the darkest stories.


Because no matter how bleak the events of the story, the thematic heart is always rooted in the pursuit of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Is your faith prominent in your writing? If so, why?

Not overtly. I prefer to follow in the footsteps of Andrzej Sapkowski's approach to themes of faith more than C.S. Lewis. Right on.

So what are some of the most prominent influences (literature, art, entertainment, etc.) in your writing?

I grew up reading Tamora Pierce, was raised in a J.R.R. Tolkien loving household, so I was fated from the start to be a fantasy fiction lover.

How do you incorporate those influences into your work without be derivative?

Every source of inspiration is a tile in the mosaic, never the full scene.

Quite poetic! What are some of the major themes that readers will find in your work?

Spiritual warfare, sacrifice, and hope.

What book of yours should we be reading today?

The Fox and the Dragon.

Using just five words, give us a taste of what we can expect in that book.

Curses, courage, love, and redemption

And where can we find The Fox and the Dragon?

What is the best way for us to follow you, and your work?

Facebook, Instagram, my newsletter (signup on my website):

Thank you for joining us today, S.K.! Any parting thoughts?

Books are meant to be filled with magic.

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