Beating Back the Darkness Series

Dragons once roamed freely until they were corrupted during the Shattering. Once they were twisted by the dark magics, they were locked away from the mortal realm for thousands of years. Yet, as use of dark magic grows once more it threatens to destroy the fabric between those realms.


As one of the dragons escapes,  a series of events are sent into motion that will change the world of Aurion—and others—forever.

Beating Back the Darkness is a planned series of 5 novels, and 2 novellas. 

Other Works


Tome of Fables, an anthology of Myths and Legends! 

 Witness ancient gods, demons, and creatures of the night. Travel far and wide to the future where intelligent robots exist. You just may happen to hunt monsters; please avoid the assassins as well. Do you believe in Unicorns, mystical sea creatures, or perhaps dragons? Delve into these short tales and let your imagination soar.

The Republic 
a thrilling story of magic and mayhem


 I will release a new episodic fantasy series called The Republic. The Republic is the tale of a Dirjek Harns and his struggle to take care of his family during the rise of a gilded empire, steeped in corruption. Politicians and aristocrats subvert the spirit of the of nation's democracy, locking its people into oppressive poverty. The family business alone won't feed his family, but stepping outside the law will.


The Republic is a Patreon exclusive.


The Republic is currently on hold until !

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