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New Release: Minu by S.K. Ehra

Today we wish a happy release day to S.K. Ehra! The heroes failed. The dark witch won. The world burned.

Minu by S.K. Ehra

For years, Taniel Sushan and his father have hunted the Demon Witch Minu, and they’ve found her too late. Unable to stop the apocalyptic magic she’s unleashed, a father bargains for his son’s life at a terrible price. Death would have been a mercy. Twisted by dark experiments leaving him more monster than man, Taniel escapes the witch, clinging to the hope of restoring his humanity and reuniting with the woman he loves.

Nesrin never lost faith that Taniel survived the curse which left the world in ruin. Learning of her husband’s distress, she abandons the safety of one of the few surviving cities to seek him in lands teeming with wicked magic.

Minu spent lifetimes creating an enchantment to grow a paradise from the ashes of the old world, only to have it corrupted by an immortal adversary, one she’s determined to vanquish, even if it means the destruction of all.

At the end of world begins a tale of enduring hope, ancient feuds, and the quest for second chances.

Minu is great for readers who enjoy books by Naomi Novik, Martha Wells, Robin McKinley, Tamora Pierce. Pick up your copy of Minu today! Want to learn more about S.K. Ehra, check out our recent interview with them!

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