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Book Review: The Dark Elf Trilogy, Legend of Drizzt


The Legend of Drizzt Do'Urden has long been on my list of books to read. I was really excited to finally explore the treacherous world of the drow, and what a world it is!

Though I did take some issues with the pacing, PoV, and character development at points, the sheer brilliance of the world building causes me to gives this a 5 star rating. The author has created such a unique world with not just the Underdark, but specifically Menzobarranzen. The wicked and warped world of the drow is remarkably distinct and well crafted. I am eager to continue along the journey with Drizzt and Guenhwyver.


Drizzt's journey through the cruel and merciless Underdark continues. In this installment, we get to know Drizzle a lot more intimately than we did in the previous book, and it really helps us connect with him and his internal struggles. The new cast of characters adds a new layer to this otherwise miserable world below the world's surface. Maybe slightly predictable, but still fun.


I really enjoyed this final chapter in the trilogy, and honestly I probably read this book faster than the rest, but I don't know that it was the best book of the three.

I really enjoyed Drizzt's journey on the surface, but at times it felt that this book was fragmented in a way. This seemingly fragmented/disconnected narrative let the ending less satisfying than it probably could have been. I did enjoy the epilogue, but I'm sure it would have been more impactful had I already read the Icewind Dale trilogy. Overall, I adored this series, and look forward to reading more of R.A. Salvatore's work.

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