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Book Review: The Eye of a Dragon

Your favorite half-goblin pirate is back, and this time it's not just Anuka...

Nonstop humor in this family friendly fantasy funfest
The Eye of a Dragon, by Jack Adkins

The second book in Jack Adkins' Dragon's of Dorwine series follows the petulant pirate and his newest group of friends, err companions.

However, as the story takes us to new lands, the cast of characters grows. As Anuka leads us on his next hairbrained and hair raising adventure, we get to know more about the original cast while meeting so many others along the way. From Bards to Barbarians, the cast is large and colorful! The heroes range from righteous to downright scoundrels, while the villains range from the deranged to the simply misguided.

The action is great, the humor is unending, and the ending has some of the funnest battle scenes I've read in a while.

This book and series is great for those who enjoy Dungeons and Dragons and any of the following fantasy genres: classic, epic, noblebright, dragons & mythical creatures, action & adventure You can check out the series here.

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