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Book Review: Reborn, The Dark Heart Chronicles, Book 2

In the 2nd installment of The Dark Heart Chronicles we get to continue on the journey with Nardus & Co. We get to know some characters much more and we get introduced to a handful of new ones.

My favorite characters are easily the Gnolls and Eshtak (sic?)

There are some really interesting concepts woven together into the large-scale dark fantasy epic. The world seems vast and full of intrigue and history. There are some moments of incredible imagery, especially in the Black Citadel.

One thing the author does very well is his method of unveiling the tapestry very, very methodically. As a reader, you are always left with questions to be answered and mysteries to be unraveled. You will get your answers, but you will need to be patient. It keeps you turning the pages.

The story does have some strong spiritual themes but it is indeed dark fantasy, and it is not for the faint of heart. Grab your copy now.

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