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Noblebright Community Coming Soon!

This is just a brief little announcement to state that a brand new Noblebright & Clean Fantasy community is coming soon! I've decided to take my old Discord server which wasn't really in use, and with the help of Jack Adkins and a number of other incredible authors, we are turning it into a unique and fun community for those of you who enjoy clean or noblebright fantasy! We have a lot of plans in the works right now to make this a really fun place to hang out, unlike any other bookish community! I'm really excited to announce some of our plans, but we've got to iron out some of the details first. You're going to want to check this out, even if you aren't used to using Discord.

What is Discord? No it's not arguing with co-workers and family members! Discord is a server application that has been used by gamers for years. Some authors have used it to build their own private communities, but we thought it would be we way better to do this as a team!

One of things I really appreciate about Discord is that there are a number of ways to use it too! You can use it with a desktop app, you can get the mobile app, or you can just use their web-based version without having to download anything. It's super simple to use and we like that! ;) In the next month or so we hope to roll out the official community name along with a new logo and branding, along with all the juicy details that we have in store. That being said, the server is technically up and running, so you can come on over and hang out—even while we are working through getting the rest of the details in order. Come on over and say hi!

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