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Book Review: Anaerfell (The Blood of Dragons #1)

If you like dark fantasy, with anti-heroes and twisted characters—this one is for you.

I honestly struggled with this one, because it is darker than what I typically go for. The main characters are tragically twisted and in often are their own worst enemies. They often left me frustrated or even angry. I think that means that the author did a fantastic job, because even though they were despicable, I was still emotionally invested. Kudos.

There were parts of the story that I found to be a bit of a stretch—even for a fantasy world full of magic, but it had enough suspense to keep me going. The world building was very neat and I liked the whole interaction with the mythos and the magic and the origins of both. If you like your fantasy reads dark and full of vile magic, give Joshua Robertson and J.C. Boyd's work a try. You might find a new favorite.

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