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Dark Pact (Signed)

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Personally autographed paperback copy of Dark Pact.

A demon is on the loose.
A heretic plans a dark ritual...
....the Nine Kings of Hell wait to be summoned.

After battling frost giants and demons, Vacinne and Renlar find themselves in the burning town of Trader's Haven. They are hot on the trail of the escaped demon and its master. Though they don't see eye to eye on many things, the headstrong holy warrior can't help but admit that her and the Black Blade form a deadly duo.

They must move quickly though, as the demon has already begun laying eggs in the dwarven city just north of them. The stage is being set for a full-scale demonic invasion. With each step, they draw closer to the demon and to the truth. Vacinne begins to realize that many things are not as they appear.

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