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Herald of the Nine (Signed)

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Personally autographed paperback copy of Herald of the Nine.

A warlock prepares to summon the Nine Lords of Hell. Renlar and Vacinne must stop him at all costs...

Renlar and Vacinne won the battle of Drenamere, but the war is not over. After killing dozens of rampaging demons and the renegade Warden, they learned that it is too late. The wheels of his master's plan is already in motion.

Renlar and Vacinne learn that Masoc's efforts to open a demonic rift in Drenamere was merely the opening gambit of a much larger plan. The Herald of the Nine prepares the way for his dark masters. The hell rifts will be opened and demonic legions will invade the mortal realm.

Renlar and Vacinne must stop the Herald at all costs, and time is running out...

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