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Faith and Fury (Signed)

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Personally autographed paperback copy of Faith and Fury.

She's a Lightborn. He's a Hellborn. And it'll take both of them to stop what's coming...

A Rift Warden and his company have disappeared. In her quest to find him, Vacinne stumbles upon a tiny village where she finds an open Hell Rift and a massacre. After being waylaid by a powerful demon and only narrowly escaping, Vacinne realizes that she's in over her head. She must hire a sell-sword.

The Black Blade is no ordinary bounty hunter, though. He's a Rift Hunter with a mysterious past. With so many dead, a demon on the loose, and many lives at stake, there's no time to be choosy. A war between good and evil is brewing, and the Black Blade is Vacinne's only hope at accomplishing her mission—but he will cost her more than coin...

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