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Pre-Order for Demon Hunters is now Live

Wow, that happened fast! I didn't expect the Pre-Order to go live so quickly. Sometimes these things can take a day or two, but today it was zoom-zoom. The Demon Hunters boxset is up for Pre-Order with a release date slated for November 1st. If you haven't read my Demon Hunters trilogy yet, now is the time to take advantage of special pre-order pricing of just 99¢! That's right, I'm offering pre-order pricing at a discount of almost 85% OFF!

Seraphim once protected the mortal realm against the hordes of the Nine Hells. Those days were long ago...

In the years that followed, mortals found themselves on the front-lines of the bloody war. None more prominent than the Rift Wardens, the holy order charged with the defense of their world. Her whole life, Vacinne had dreamed of becoming a Warden. Her very first mission after the academy left her searching a massacred village for clues when she's waylaid by a powerful demon. After only narrowly escaping the demon’s wrath, the Warden realizes she's going to need help. She must hire a sell-sword.

Bounty hunters are aplenty, but when it comes to killing demons, the Black Blade is the best there is—but he will cost her more than coin… The Demon Hunters Omnibus Includes: 1. Faith and Fury 2. Dark Pact 3. Herald of the Nine Fans of R.A. Salvatore, Forgotten Realms, and Dragonlance will love this series of 3 action-packed novels, with 600+ pages of high-fantasy adventure!

At release the price will jump up to $2.99, and a month after release it will land at the final price of $5.99.

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