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Noblebright Fantasy at its Finest

With the emergence of the Noblebright Fantasy sub-genre, readers usually have a few questions. The first question is always: what is Noblebright?

Like many things in life, people have differing opinions on what exactly constitutes this genre. That being said, I've attempted to shed some light on this question here.

The second question is typically: what are some examples of Noblebright Fantasy? That's the question I want to attempt to focus on here.

In my humble opinion, below are some of the most noteworthy names in Noblebright. C.J. Brightley - Inspriting Fairy Tale retellings & fantasy

J.A. Andrews - Clean Epic Fantasy

Sarah K. L. Wilson - YA books with Dragons and Fae

Melinda Kucsera - Christian Epic Fantasy

Joe Jackson - Epic Fantasy

Dan Kenner - Clean YA Fantasy

Erin Winters - Dragons & Assassins Emily Huffman - Hope filled Epic Fantasy R.G. Long - Epic Fantasy

Marius H. Visser - Epic Fantasy Constance Lopez - Hope filled Fantasy

And of course, yours truly, and so many more!

So what do I write? I write Epic Fantasy that Dares to Hope. It is my aim to edify and inspire readers, while taking them on an action-packed thrill ride of epic proportions. You can find all my books right here.

Happy Reading!

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