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Introducing Awedio Extreme

Today I'm excited to introduce you to a project that me and my team have been working—Awedio Extreme!

Awedio Extreme is a YouTube channel dedicated to bringing you an variety of music your enjoyment. I've been writing fantasy for over a decade now, and one thing that has been a constant for me throughout is the music! For years I've always immersed myself in various types of music while writing. I know that doesn't work for everyone, but for me, it's always felt like the music is writing fuel for me! That was one of the goals we had in mind when we started Awedio Extreme. We wanted to create a channel where other artists like me could come to for some musical inspiration, or as I called it—writer's fuel!

So, that's why we decided that our primary focus for the channel would be producing and releasing epic instrumental music that you could escape into. In short, the type of music that I've enjoyed so much throughout the years.

We started out by creating the Writer's Fuel playlist for the channel. Check it out, we've got a nice wide variety of thematic music that you can really get lost in. Midnight Chase just so happens to be my wife's favorite at the moment, but I'd love to know which ones you like best!

While Writer's Fuel is our first order of business with the channel, we do have plans to expand this channel beyond that. We have initial thoughts about creating mood music ranging from workout music to romantic music and more. It's going to take time, but I think we are off to a great start. I hope you think so too.

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