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Noblebright Alliance Grand Opening!

Have you heard about the Noblebright Alliance yet? A couple months ago I rounded up a handful in fantastic noblebright authors and we set out to build a brand new community dedicated to consumers and creators of Noblebright or otherwise clean fantasy.

Before I even share the details, just check out this list of authors who I've been able to join forces with to bring this thing to life...

This whole community was birthed around the idea that I really wanted to create a unique and fun place to gather for people who like the type of books that I write—Noblebright.

In my case, I like to say that I write—Dark, Epic Fantasy that Dares to Hope! That's what Noblebright is really all about. If you'd like more details, you can read more about it right here! So, me and my new crew decided to take my old Discord server which wasn't really in use, and renovate it with all new channels ranging from books to table-top gaming to video games and more! We've got all kinds of cool automation being setup with lots of fun bots. As well as some other really exciting & EXCLUSIVE content that you're not really going to find anywhere else.

We're launching an exclusive Story of the Month program. We're taking gamification to a whole new level as we gamify our community complete with levels, roles, and perks you can unlock (just by hanging out!). Oh and did we mention that there are prizes that you can win—also just by hanging out.

That's right, the team and I are doing a whole lot of work so that you can just come hang out with us and get rewarded just for being a participating member of the community. No strings attached.

Yeah, this is going to be epic!

What is Discord? No it's not arguing with co-workers and family members! Discord is a server application that has been used by gamers for years. Some authors have used it to build their own private communities, but we thought it would be way better to do this as a team!

One of things I really appreciate about Discord is that there are a number of ways to use it too!

Want it on the go? Get the mobile app. Want to use it in browser because your computer is a potato? Use it in browser.

Want the desktop app so you can be a power user? Go for it!

Discord gives you the freedom to choose (and no, I don't get paid to say that. I just genuinely love the platform). I bet if you give it a chance, you will too.

Come on over and say hi!

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