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New Release: The Grand Door

Today we wish a happy release day to John and Susan Ruff! This time the prophecy is real. And its predicting disaster.

Minu by S.K. Ehra

Daraline Graciel yearns for redemption from the poor choices of her past. When the failed-wizard-turned-archivist uncovers a forgotten library, she hopes her research discoveries will finally prove her worth to the world. Instead, she receives a warning of impending calamity that sends her on a quest into hostile territory to halt the spread of madness and destruction.

But she quickly learns that the most dreadful choice of her life now lies before her. The half-casdient wizard Fabren Lacalian is transforming against his will into a powerful, human-hating killer, and Daraline might be the only person he will let close enough to stop him.

Will she be forced to betray and murder Fabren to end the menace?

Daraline, Fabren, and Montaine are back in The Grand Door, the thrilling finale of the Doorway to Magic trilogy. If you enjoy high fantasy with interwoven plotlines and unique systems of magic, you will love the epic conclusion of the series.

Classic high fantasy authors (L.E. Modesitt Jr., Katherine Kurtz, Patricia McKillip, Anne McCaffrey, Lois McMaster Bujold, and David Eddings.) Pick up your copy of The Grand Door today! Want to learn more about Susan Ruff, check out our recent interview!

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