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Book Review: Winemaker of the North

I just finished listening to the audiobook for Winemaker of the North, by J.T. Williams. First off, the narration was done by Tim Gerard Reynolds, so you know the performance was excellent. In my opinion he's one of the best right now.

The title of this book may seem strange, but trust me it's an excellent epic/high fantasy read, and the start to the Rogues of Magic trilogy. This is the tale of Sviska, a trained assassin of The Order, who is sent to the distant North to destroy anything that wreaks of magic. To undertake this mission, he has to take on the guise of a Winemaker at a wealthy estate. That's about all I will say of the plot, to prevent spoilers. During Sviska's mission he discovers the North, which is quite unlike anything he'd seen in his lifetime. Sviska's challenges his perceptions and thoughts of the world around him, and thrusts him into more of an adventure than he realized. Though the tale was a tad bit predictable in a few spots, it was still very entertaining, and definitely scratched that high fantasy itch with the many races, creatures, and characters that you get to meet. The book had a distinct Dungeons & Dragons feel too it, while still being it's own, which I thought was fun! As I mentioned this book is the first in a trilogy, and I'm excited to hear the rest of Sviska's tale. One thing to note: For audiobook, the series is called Rogues of Magic. However, if you're looking for the paperbacks or ebooks, the series appears to actually be titled Saints of Wura. Is it Noblebright? Language: Seemed Clean Sexual Content: None Violence: Lots, but not gory.

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