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The Chronicles of Aurion now available on KindleUnlimited

For those of you that have KindleUnlimited, rejoice! With the release of War Torn, I was finally able to move The Chronicles of Aurion over to KDP Select, which means it is now free to anyone with KindleUnlimited.

If you're not familiar with The Chronicles of Aurion yet, here's the skinny:

68 years before the events of Dragon’s Fire. Absell & Arden, two Drakari priests, leave their jungle paradise of Karthusa, on a quest to recover a long lost artifact. An artifact so powerful, so dangerous, it would forever alter the course of history. As they draw closer to their prize, they dig into the artifact’s past, and the pivotal moments in history it altered. So began their quest for the Elder Stone. Get it now.

Readers are genuinely enjoying TCoA, but don't take my word for it...

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