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Some things can only be Paid in Blood...

I am super excited to announce a new release! Back in December (I think) I teamed up with a small and fantastic group of writers with the idea of putting together a war-themed anthology. The idea was that we would each create a fresh new story that would in some way tie back into our own existing individual, and very different works.

Release Day, Tuesday, August 1st Pre-Order Now (FREE)!

There was one problem though... I had just finished The Chronicles of Aurion and all my other short stories were locked into my upcoming book Tales from Darkness. So I decided to step forward into one of the future worlds that my readers have yet to experience (you will soon though), and weave a tale of treacherous dealings and dark magic. Thus began Paid in Blood. Paid In Blood (Dark, Epic Fantasy)

Harlyx, a wealthy and quite possibly mad old man is wanted for treason after stealing a powerful artifact. His hired hand, Alduran, now finds himself on the run with the crazy old man as a king's army hunts them down. Alduran isn't so sure that their flight across the desert sands won't get them killed, but if he's learned one thing about old Harlyx, it's that his mysterious knack for avoiding calamity is at its greatest as the noose draws tightest. It's a mystery Alduran is ready to explore. Besides, the pay is right. Read Paid in Blood and 6 other great stories for FREE, in War Torn!

Where can I get War Torn (FREE)? Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Google play, and Kobo. Alternatively, if you prefer you can download it directly from my website.

War Torn Seven international authors bring you seven short stories in seven fantasy genres, exploring the theme- War Torn. Ambushed by Angela Stevens (Contemporary Fantasy/ Dark Fantasy) When the Black Walker Warriors are ambushed by the Clizyati, a vicious battle ensues. Caught up in its midst is Kanga, the Warrior’s latest recruit. Fighting for his life, Kanga knows that whatever the outcome, this may well be the last battle in a war that has raged since the dawn of time. But when the dust settles, victory and defeat pay the same price. The Praetorian by D.P Joynes (Dark Fantasy, Magical Realism, Medical Fiction, Historical Fantasy, Time Travel) “Flies. Flies everywhere. In blood...” Artorius, the commanding officer of a Roman army, loves the taste of battle, but he hates the stench of blood. Blood gives rise to flies, which he cannot control. And neither can the Time Witch. Despite all her magical powers, the Witch has no control over the actions of living creatures, so she’ll try every time-tested tactic to tempt the Commander, to get Artorius to do her bidding. But his future self has other plans. Unmoored by Justine Alley Dowsett (Fantasy Adventure) Renaud Laurent is a gambler and a sailor taking life as it comes and living only for his next drink. Then, on one fateful night in his favorite port town, civil war threatens and he finds himself having to choose between saving his own hide or risking himself for the sake of a stranger. The City That Fell by K.L Dimago (Fantasy, High Fantasy, Romance) Keturah has always excelled in magic skills and dreams of becoming a member of court in the city of Lucenskath beneath the leader of Nefeiah, Elias, who has led an era of peace and prosperity. But when she is befriended and wooed by Lucas, a fellow student, she learns of a plot to overthrow Elias and his magic council. Keturah must choose between her love of Lucas and her trust in Elias and decide whether or not to make the ultimate sacrifice. A Touch Of Magic by Lisa White (Magical Realism, Paranormal, Romance) Plastic surgeon Jessie Inglewood is staunchly anti-natural medicine. Sure, the owner of the local health food store is sexy, but there’s no way she’s going to the “dark side” and dating a natural health hippy! No, she’s seen a lot of ridiculous things in her clinic over the years, and as far as she’s concerned, holistic nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and crystal waving energy healers are all the same: unethical quacks and charlatans peddling false hope to the vulnerable. Jessie’s very comfortable with her judgement… until a woman in white appears at her clinic one night and gives her an extraordinary gift – the ability to heal people. Jessie has a choice to make: keep giving hands-on miracles to people or give up her gift so she can have her old life back - the one where her colleagues don’t view her as one of the quacks she used to criticize. The Fortress by Lorel Clayton (Fantasy/ Steampunk) No one is infallible, but some people cannot afford to be wrong, not when lives are at stake. In this story from the world of Eva Thorne, visit The Fortress, where a line in the sand has been drawn to keep the living safe from the god of death. Meet the man who guards that line.

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