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New Release: Dragon's Fire, 2nd Edition

The world is about to be bathed in fire—Dragon's Fire.

And just so you are not confused, no we did not hop in a time machine, it is still 2017, and Dragon's Fire is about to be release.

Speaking of time, the time has finally come to fly solo and self-publish the book that started it all for me. It's a move that has been a long time coming, and quite frankly long overdue. For those of you that have only just recently started following me, this decision was really about money—your money.

Since 2014 (before the book was even released), I battled against inflated prices. Now I have control, and the prices are coming down! Now when you visit online retailers like Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Google play, and Kobo, you will find the Dragon's Fire, 2nd Edition ebook retail for just $2.99!

What does 2nd Edition even mean?

Now that it is published through my imprint, Brightblade Press, it now has a new ISBN. Having that new serial number required that it be published as a new edition. That gave me a great opportunity to give the text a quick polish, make the already awesome cover—awesomer, and drop that price!

Oh and there's this SWEET release day promotion (which actually runs all week)

I prefer "real" books. Will it be available in print? Yes! I still have a couple hurdles to clear first, but the 2nd Edition will become available in print as well.

But I've already read Dragon's Fire... Sweet! Would you be willing to review it for me? Just a simple sentence or two will do, and it would really help me.

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