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Announcing: Tales from Darkness

Hello friends!

I am excited to finally be able to share with you, the details of a small project I have been working on. Yes, despite being busy working on the release of TCoA, and writing, & editing of Beating Back the Darkness (books II & III), I have yet another project. It happens. :)

Fortunately this new project will not detract, but only add to those other projects—at least indirectly. That's because this new project, will tie in to the series at various points.

Okay, so what exactly is this project?

Tales from Darkness is going to be a collection of small, independant short stories that will give you a small, very narrow glimpse into the world(s) of Aurion from a host of new perspectives. That's right, through this series you will be introduced to new faces and new places for the first time. These small vignettes will not be complete tales, but rather a small sample of what (and in some cases who) is to come in the future books. In terms of chronology, each Tale from Darkness will generally take place during or after the events of The Halls of the Fallen King (book II).

The best part of it all, is that the entire collection of the stories are to be offered as FREE content for website members. So when the stories become available, they will be added to the Members' section, with the subtitle A Tale from Darkness.

I can't give any other details on this project just yet, but make sure you subscribe so you can stay in the loop.

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