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Writing a Series

I’m normally not a writer who plans everything out when I start writing. Writing a series is a little different. I have found out that it’s fun to write one as long as the plot can carry over several books. So I thought I would share what I do when I sit down to work.

When I get an idea for a new story I sit down and try to figure out whether or not it’s a standalone or the start of a series. Try to figure out are the operative words because sometimes you just don’t know until you start writing.

The one thing I do with all my stories is to create a notebook. I take a jumbo size 3 ring binder and set it up into sections.

Section 1: Idea and notes

Section 2: Outline and notes

Section 3: Characters

Section 4: Plot

Section 5: Research

Section 6: Setting

Section 7: Timeline

Sometimes there will be more sections added in. It depends on the type of story and what is needed. For example, writing an epic Fantasy would have sections for languages, people, magic system, weapons, clothing, etc.

One thing I do after I start writing I add a section for the book and break it down by chapters and place it in the front of the binder. This helps when I’m editing the books because everything is in one place like it is in my electronic file.


Diane Riggins is a fantasy, paranormal, and sometimes horror writer. She’s currently working on the first book in her epic fantasy series that keeps growing because of the characters and subplots, and several short stories for upcoming anthologies. You can visit her at the following sites to learn more about her, her books, and everything.

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