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Let me help you improve your craft

    I've spent years writing and marketing, and a lot of what I've learned was through trial and error. Most people out there would charge you for the knowledge that they've gained from their experiences. That's cool, but I don't roll like that.
     Yes, I share fun stuff and special deals from time to time, but the vast majority of the content that I create for this blog is done to help you grow as a writer and author, at no charge.
     I always try to approach each topic in a way that helps you see things from a new angle, a fresh perspective—one you can learn from. Everything I cover from worldbuilding to social media growth is done in a manner that is practical, so you can apply it to your own craft.  Heck, even the book reviews are done for the purpose of sharing what I'v learned from the author's writing, rather than just whether I liked the story or not. So come along for the ride, and let me share what I've learned.  

Improve Your Craft

Let the learning begin!

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