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I am excited to share this SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER with you! Between now and Christmas (2018), I am offering a FREE SIGNED COPY of any one of my books to anyone that joins my Army at the rank of Ranger of higher! Must provide a valid U.S. shipping address.

Yep, that's right, for anyone that becomes a patron of mine at the rank of Ranger or higher, will get a free personally autographed copy. You pick the book; Dragon's Fire, The Chronicles of Aurion, or The Halls of the Fallen King, and I personally sign it and ship it to you.

This is a great added incentive to those of you that might have already been considering becoming a patron of mine, and if you don't want the book for yourself, it can be a great personalized Christmas gift!

Head on over and take advantage of this offer now, before it's gone!

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