Are you an author trying to grow your Mailing List?

Brightblade Box Mockup.jpg

One thing that all authors come to realize, is that a strong email list of engaged followers is the key to continued success. I've spent years working to build my mailing list from the ground up. Some things worked well, and others... well yeah... 

One of the things that I've found to be very effective is the use of well-coordinated giveaways, with uncommon prizes. A lot of authors team up and provide some excellent prizes like ebooks, gift cards, and kindles. You can find giveaways like this pretty much every month, which makes them—well, kind of common. I mean the prizes are great, but they are not rare or special anymore.

So we are going to do this a little differently. 


Enter the Brightblade Box.

The Brightblade Box is well organized, well curated giveaway that will offer one winner a grand prize box that will contain a minimum of 3 hand-picked, signed paperbacks, SWAG, and other goodies (plushies, figurines, miniatures, etc.) that all fit a central theme. Our first giveaway for example has a DRAGON theme! Each giveaway will offer a new theme.

In addition to the hand-picked authors that have donated a signed book that matches the theme, we will have additional slots for authors to buy-in. Authors that land the buy-in/paid slots do not need to meet the theme requirements. The money generated from the buy-ins will go to cover all the prizes, shipping, and promotional costs associated with the giveaway.

Giveaways like this have the opportunity to not only provide excellent exposure for all participating authors, but it is a great way to build your mailing list with targeted subscribers that are more likely to stick around, and be interested in your work.

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