August 17, 2015

This book is quite possibly my new favorite book. In short, if you even remotely enjoyed The Way of Kings, then you MUST read the follow up book, Words of Radiance. Sanderson took everything that was good with the first book, and made it spectacular. The Way of Kings formed a phenomenal foundation t...

August 17, 2015

Rating this book was very difficult for me, as I went back and forth a lot.

As a new author myself, I had been told repeatedly that Brandon Sanderson's TWoK was a must read, because of the world building alone. Now that I have finally completed the book, I understand. I must admit I am glad I final...

August 4, 2015

Stunning. Vivid. Intense. Deceptive. Cruel.  These are some of the many descriptive words that can be used to describe Mark Lawrence's book, the Prince of Fools. In short, I recommend you read the first book in The Red Queen's War. In the not-so-short, I will try to share my thoughts on Lawrence's w...

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